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And I’ve never been so excited about any program, ever!

I know the science, the art, and the spirit of love more than I ever have … and I’m more certain than I’ve ever been of what it takes for you to live your fairytale. Don’t get soft on me, though; the fairytale is a pilgrimage to love. And while I will guide you to the sunrise of a new beginning, you have to follow my lead.

You don’t have to invite me to the wedding … but you could invite me to perform the ceremony!

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Our divine purpose is …

We can’t see what we’re afraid to see. We can’t feel what we’re afraid to feel. We can’t do what we’re afraid to do. We can’t be who we’re afraid to be–even if the person we’re afraid to be is our authentic self.

But we don’t have to wonder if we’re intended to be authentic. Our destiny is to choose love, rather than yield to fear. Our purpose is to reconcile our behavior with our essence of authentic love.

And when we choose to trust love and act on love, we also displace our fear.… More