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I know the science, the art, and the spirit of love more than I ever have … and I’m more certain than I’ve ever been of what it takes for you to live your fairytale. Don’t get soft on me, though; the fairytale is a pilgrimage to love. And while I will guide you to the sunrise of a new beginning, you have to follow my lead.

You don’t have to invite me to the wedding … but you could invite me to perform the ceremony!

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Eight Types of Love: Which one is perfect?

“How could he … he said he loved me,” she eked out between sobs.

Do you feel more empathy for the guy who changed his mind, or the girl left trying to reconcile the guy’s words with his actions?

Male or female, you’ve probably been smitten and thought you were in love, only to decide it could never work. Our emotions — which we expect to waver — prioritize different thoughts at different times, sometimes dragging our intellects on an emotional roller coaster.

There’s more to it than that, though. There’s what you mean by “I love you,” and what somebody else thinks you mean.

There are eight types of love, according to Robert J. Sternberg, noted psychologist and Professor of Human Development at Cornell University. Only one of them is perfect, but they’re all formed by the following three dimensions of love:

Intimacy: Psychological knowledge of each other and connection based on that knowledge
Passion: Erotic attraction
Commitment: The decision that a person loves another and the commitment to maintain that love

The classic misunderstanding immediately jumps out at us: He gets caught up in erotic attraction and says, “I love you”; she thinks somebody finally understands her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.… More