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True Happy …

Freedom to be happy is freedom to be true-to-you. And that is as good as you get … as a parent, a partner, a friend.… More

Immersed in Grace …

With a dip in the pool, following my jog, I feel very grateful. And I want to share something. If it’s more than you want to hear, I hope you’ll love me anyway–not for my sake, for yours. 😊 Five weeks ago, I had surgery to remove my breast implants. The decision to put them in was made 27 years ago. And while I wasn’t bemoaning it, I knew it wasn’t a choice I’d make again. I was living with dissonance. But surgery involved risk, expense, and recovery, making it a tough choice.

I’m learning to take the first step, though, trusting love to bring the pieces together. And I’m so grateful. I had no idea I’d feel THIS liberated. I couldn’t undo what I’d done, but I’m grateful, so grateful, for my best shot at it. No implants, no fat grafting. The surgeon said I didn’t have enough fat for him to charge me to move it. He was funny and so kind.

No judgment here. This was just the right choice for ME. I find my joy in being me. I find my beauty in feeling like me. I find my peace in discerning dissonance–any deviation from my true self–and aligning with love.… More