Learning to Love Yourself

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~ What love really is
~ Who you are, apart from the facade
~ What it actually looks like to love you
~ How it feels to exercise the freedom to be youClick to Read More

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Jan’s Latest Post

Happy …

To invest in your happiness is simply to invest in being your best by aligning more closely with your authentic self, authentic love. … More

Dear Friends … Be Amazed!

Dear Friends,

We are blessed. And I am amazed at how our blessings respond when we take the time to nurture them.

We don’t need more. We just need to be thankful for what we have and invest in growing it.

And I am doing exactly that. I am a blessed and grateful gardener. If you don’t feel blessed, take stock. Feel thankful. Water, weed, fertilize. And be amazed.

Love and smiles,… More