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I know the science, the art, and the spirit of love more than I ever have … and I’m more certain than I’ve ever been of what it takes for you to live your fairytale. Don’t get soft on me, though; the fairytale is a pilgrimage to love. And while I will guide you to the sunrise of a new beginning, you have to follow my lead.

You don’t have to invite me to the wedding … but you could invite me to perform the ceremony!

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Do you have the BASIS for a relationship?

Five areas of intimacy work together to determine how compatible you are with a partner and what “BASIS” you have for a satisfying relationship:






Do you like to do the same things? Do you have similar levels of motivation/energy?

Affective (or Emotional):
How much of yourself and your emotions can you put out there, and still feel safe and accepted?

Do you share similar values and agree on a reason to live by them.

Can you have intellectually stimulating conversation, about more than one subject?

How connected do you feel sexually–even when you’re not having sex?

Adapted from the work of Michael Murphy, a psychologist at the University of Florida.

Assess Your Intimacy

Ideally, how much does each area contribute to a satisfying relationship for YOU? For your partner? Assign a percentage to each area, so that the sum of the five is 100. And ask your partner to do the same.







How much intimacy do you have with your partner? Rate each area on a scale of one to ten (one being low, ten being high). Ask your partner to do the same. Then, compare notes.… More

See what lurks beyond your own drama …

Is there somebody who always leaves you feeling better than he found you?

I used to live next door to such a person. Whenever I ran into Bob, whether it was for 20 seconds or 20 minutes, I’d later count our meeting among the high points of my day. It took me a while to figure out why.

Bob was a psychologist — still working, still playing tennis, still stimulating — in his 70s. And he had, with much practice, learned how to make everybody feel accepted: He accepted them.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, though. Bob didn’t use a blanket acceptance to cover everybody he encountered. He actually saw each individual for who they were. He saw through my clothes and flowers and the guys who picked me up on weekends to what was inside.

Isn’t that what we all want — to be known and accepted, to be loved as we are?

In fact, that’s the most valuable gift a parent can give a child. Sadly, many parents are so caught up in their own drama that they don’t really see their children for who they are.

In the academy award winning film “Ordinary People,” Mary Tyler Moore paints a poignant picture of this.… More